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What is the Embedded Code Source and why should I care?

By Microchip Technology | Posted on 03.05.15

The Embedded Code Source is a site that provides one spot where engineers browse and download software/firmware code examples, tools and utilities for your PIC® MCU projects brought to you by Microchip Technology and Microchip's 3rd Party Developers.

We even give registered users the option to rate and leave comments on each code example. If you love it, tell us. If you think the code needs some re-work or could be improved, go ahead and tell us that too. Your feedback gives us a chance to make improvements.

If you are a developer, you get a chance to take advantage of a FREE ecosystem and framework to deliver code examples that can potentially attract customers to your services. In addition, we now offer the ability for 3rd Party Developers to sell their code thru the site, via www.microchipDIRECT.com.

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