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MPLABX Project Editor

Embedded Design Works, Inc.

MPLABX Project Editor is a plug-in for adding MLA files to your active project/configuration.  All source, header, and document files are added to your project tree.  In addition any include directories that are needed will be added to the active configuration.

About this Software

MPLABX Project Editor is very easy to use.  Selecting the appropriate check box enables the respective stack.  Stack files are only added to the currently active project if the check box for the desired stack files is checked.


Initial use:

The first time MPLABX Project Editor is started a pop up window will open and request the location of the MLA installation directory.


            The MLA has an installation format as follows:

                        <install dir>/v<year_month_day>


If you have an installed a version of the MLA in the directory “/microchip/mla/v2016_11_07”, then you would only need to enter “/microchip/mla” as a UNIX directory when prompted.  Once the install path has been defined the drop down box “MLA Version” will populate with all versions of the MLA if they exist.  Also, if you have a link called “latest” that points to the latest version of the MLA, this will also be added to the “MLA Version” drop down box and will be the selected item/version.


For the stacks that have list boxes more than one selection is allowed while the drop down boxes only allow one selection at any one time.  To use Project Editor please follow the numbered steps.


  1. Select the stack by clicking on a check box.
  2. Select item(s) in the list box or drop down boxes.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until all the desired stacks have been selected.
  4. Press button “Edit Project”.


Note:  Each press of the “Edit Project” button does not remove stacks that have been unchecked.  It is up to the user to manually remove the unwanted files/folders or exclude them from being compiled.


If you select version “v2016_11_07” of the stack, the stored paths in the project will have “v2016_11_07” in each stack file the path name when you hit “Edit Project”.  However, if you change the stack version by selecting “v2016_08_08” and then hitting “Edit Project” you will have two sets of files for both “v2016_11_07” and “v2016_08_08”.   As long as you don’t change versions this will not occur.


Save Settings:

All selected items can be saved to a file by pressing button “Save Settings”.  Settings are saved with the default extension of “.project_editor”.


Read Settings;
Saved settings can be restored  by pressing button “Read Settings”


Includes and Define Macros:

The “Read Define/Include” button is used to populate the Include/Define text boxes with the includes and define macros of the currently active configuration of the selected project.  Currently, these boxes are for viewing only.  In the future the user will be able to update includes and macros from the Project Editor GUI.



Does not configure the selected stack(s) for use.  User is still responsible for updating the system_config.h file.


Release History

  • Apr 2, 2017

    Version: 1.0

    Initial Release

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  • Current Version:1.0
  • Created:Apr 2, 2017
  • Updated:Jun 28, 2017
  • Downloads:0
  • MPLAB Version:3.50
  • C Compiler:NA
  • Development Tools:NA
  • Supported Devices:NA

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